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On October 12, 2019, the hollow wheelless electric pulley was successfully bornofficially entered the market.
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, a new concept of electric scooter was designed. After three years of continuous testing and improvement, the scooter was finally born successfully. The difference of this scooter is mainly in its unique non-hub hollow wheel and internal structure. It has a different dual-mode taxiing mode, which can make your scooter super power-saving: 1, electric mode: press the power switch, rotate the motor, For electric scooter; 2. Release the power switch and the motor automatically stops rotating and turns into an ordinary scooter without electricity. This non-hub suspension electric scooter, you can choose a mode of taxiing, or you can alternately change the mode of taxiing at any time, the mode change is fast and convenient. This hub-free brushless electric scooter not only saves electricity, but also has good climbing abili