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Waterskipper Starting
How to play waterskipper? The starting is very important, it is 60% successful! So,
The beginner's first step is to learn to glide:
1, Find a good water place:
* Water shall be more than 1.6 meters deep
* Surface of Water shall be wide enough
* Without algae
* With a small quay
* Optimal Distance from quay to water is 40-80 centimeters
2, Assemble the waterskipper, and with buoyancy, adjust to suit your weight,  Put on life jackets.

3, Light to grip the handle, Adjust the position:

Place put your front foot on the platform, back foot on the quay, the body is lean forward, the eyes look forward.
Shaking the handle, make the skimmer is forward and slightly upward.
5,Beginning to gliding
* Give your back foot a large agaist power, Give your front foot a large forward power, Let your hands and body give waterskipper a power forward at the same time.
* Waterskipper back foot pedal force will allow a reverse forward momentum, Add up all the power, the waterskipper hydrofoil will receive a forward starting speed, This speed will bring you glide out along the surface...
* Waterskipper, a bit like a bicycle, pedal force, the greater the hydrofoil get power, the greater the wing, the greater the initial speed glide distance is more far, hydrofoil starting is more stable

* Waterskipper starting, like a bike starting, you give a bigger power to it, the initial speed it can get will is bigger, you will is easier to succeed.

6, Please referrence as following pictures when you learning to play waterskipper:

7, Skip over the waves with your waterskipper

After you learn to start, you can play waterskipper: Keep the body balance,  keep the rhythm of movement,The power of the hands and feet have to coordinate,feet : hands is about 7:3,  its unique hydrofoil wings and fiberglass spring let you fly across the water by simply hopping up and down and the speeds of up to 17 mph. It's environmentally friendly...no fuel, no noisy engines and its maintenance free. With the AquaSkipper, you can ride on waves, try new tricks, and race your friends. Any way you use it, the AquaSkipper is fun and a great way to exercise.

1. Waterskipper is a water sports products,Don’t use it on land or not enough big and deep water.
2. When you starting, Please pay attention to the direction of the Skimmer is always forward or slightly up.
3. When waterskipper came ashore, don't rush to sand, mud... ,  if haven’t any wharf, will allow to do natural subsidence model.
4. If the wong operation and bad water place, the  waterskipper will be easy to be damaged